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Animal Crossing: How to Get Sugarcane & Sugar in New Horizons


Animal Crossing: How to Get Sugarcane & Sugar in New Horizons

With the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update, there’s a ton of new content for players to dive into. From having a coffee at The Roost with Brewster, setting up a ton of shops on Harv’s island, stretching with your islanders, setting up island ordinances, or even just having a storage shed to quickly access home storage, there’s so much here to get fans sinking many more hours on their island getaway. In this guide, we’ll be focusing on getting Sugarcane and Sugar, two important ingredients that make up the new farming and cooking mechanics in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Getting Sugarcane in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Sugarcane starts can be bought from Leif for 280 Bells or purchased as a pack of 5 for 1,400 Bells (there’s no saving, FYI). This can be bought from him either when he visits your island, or from his shop on Harv’s island once you’ve bought his shop.

animal crossing new horizons sugarcane

Keep in mind that Leif’s stock on Harv’s island changes every Monday, so if he doesn’t have Sugarcane in stock, try again in a week’s time.

It’s also possible to find Sugarcane growing on one of the mysterious islands you can visit with Kapp’n.

Growing Sugarcane in Animal Crossing New Horizons

To grow Sugarcane, plant your Sugarcane start on your island as you would a Pumpkin or any other plant. Open your inventory, select the Sugarcane start, press A on it and then select ‘Plant 1.’

Once it’s in the ground, use your Watering Can to water it. Sugarcane takes four days to grow in Animal Crossing New Horizons whether you water it or not. We’d recommend watering it every day, however, as this increases the amount of sugar you’ll get from it.

After four days, your Sugarcane will have fully grown and can be harvested. Once it reaches this point, you’ll only need to wait another two days for it to grow after you harvest it. Again, watering it will increase your yield from each plant, so keep this in mind if you’re in dire need of the sweet stuff.

How to Get Sugar in New Horizons

With Sugarcane now in your possession, head to a Kitchen and then select the ‘Sugar’ DIY Recipe. This requires 5 Sugarcane.

You can also make Brown Sugar with 5 Sugarcane, so check the recipe of whatever you want to cook in Animal Crossing New Horizons carefully to make sure you’ve got the right sugar for the job.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get sugar and sugarcane in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Head over to our wiki for more tips and tricks, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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