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What’s New In Apex Legends Season 10? Everything You Need to Know

Apex Legends Seer Season 10

What’s New In Apex Legends Season 10? Everything You Need to Know

Season 9 has come and gone, so it’s time to read up on all the changes coming to Apex Legends Season 10. Emergence is adding more map changes, a new gun, a new ranked mode, and of course, a new Legend. Here’s everything you need to know.

New Legend: Seer

Everything New in Apex Legends Season 10

apex legends season 10

Obi Edolasim is the new Legend this season, and he’s known as Seer in the Apex Games and Arenas. In fact, Arenas is where he got his start while building his fanbase. He joins the roster as he makes the transition to the Games.

His abilities allow him to keep track of enemies as a scout-type character. Seer’s Passive Ability, Heart Seeker, gives him access to a heartbeat sensor whenever he aims down sights on a gun. His Tactical, Focus of Attention, sends out micro-drones that use a delayed pulse to locate enemies and interrupt their actions (like healing or reviving) through walls.

Lastly, his Ultimate, Exhibit, casts a net-like dome over a specific area. It’ll track enemies within the area whenever they run or fire their weapons, so Seer can provide useful info for his team in a variety of ways.

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