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Apex Legends Teases Seer in Metamorphosis Outlands Video

apex legends seer

Apex Legends Teases Seer in Metamorphosis Outlands Video

Apex Legends Season 10 is just a few short weeks away now, so Respawn is gearing up for the usual rollout of trailers, teases, and reveals. Today’s Stories From the Outlands video gives us a quick look at Seer, the new Legend that’ll be joining the Apex Games.

The new season is titled Emergence, and it’s going live on Aug. 3. Its launch trailer will be shown off at EA Play Live on July 22, so fans won’t be waiting long to see more. Emergence is bringing a new LMG called the Rampage, World’s Edge map changes, a ranked mode for Arenas, and more.

As for the Outlands trailer, it’s one of the shortest ones we’ve seen to date. Seer gets teased ever so slightly, as we get a quick look at his design and his special eyes that seem to hold great significance.

You can check out the Apex Legends Stories From the Outlands video for yourself below to see a bit of Seer’s backstory:

Before Season 10 comes around, be sure to complete all of your unfinished challenges and collect all of the cosmetics that you want from Season 9. That goes double for event exclusive skins, charms, banners, and more, like the ones found in the new Thrillseekers event.

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