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Apex Legends: All Thrillseekers Event Skins

Apex Legends Thrillseekers Event

Apex Legends: All Thrillseekers Event Skins

Every new Apex Legends event brings new charms, emotes, banners, and of course, skins. The Thrillseekers event began just a few days ago, so if you’re wondering what its exclusive skins look like, look no further. Here are all of the character skins for the Thrillseekers event in Apex Legends.

Gibraltar – Ring Leader

Gibraltar’s Ring Leader skin is another great one to add to his collection. He seems to get some of the best event skins on the entire roster, and this bull-themed one is no exception. It’ll cost you 1,800 Apex Coins to obtain.

Mirage – Chuckles the Barrelman

Mirage is once again getting made fun of with this skin, but it fits his style of humor. It’s definitely not his best skin, but Mirage being a rodeo clown isn’t out of character in the slightest. This one will also cost you 1,800 Apex Coins.

Revenant – Seeing Red

Seeing Red isn’t like the creepy Revenant skins that we’ve grown accustomed to. Surprisingly, it feels much more colorful in a non-scary way. You can get it alone for 1,800 Apex Coins, or for 6,000 if you want weapon skins and Pathfinder’s as well.

Pathfinder – Down Right Fierce

Pathfinder’s Down Right Fierce is just as vibrant as Revenant’s, and they look a bit like a matching pair (hence the options for a bundle purchase). They’re both Japanese-themed in nature as opposed to the western ones for Gibraltar and Mirage.

Rampart – Wastelander

Rampart’s Wastelander skin stands apart from the rest in theme and it’s not purchasable. You’ll need to earn it by completing Thrillseekers event challenges and getting 3000 points.

There you have it. That’s the whole list of every single Thrillseekers event character skin in Apex Legends. There’s a Bangalore Thrillseekers skin coming later this month as the Rampart one gets swapped out of the challenge track, but this is everything for now.

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