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Which Hunter Would You Be? Take This Hunter x Hunter Personality Quiz to Find Out

Hunter X Hunter Personality Quiz

Which Hunter Would You Be? Take This Hunter x Hunter Personality Quiz to Find Out

The Hunters of Hunter x Hunter are an eccentric bunch, but that’s far from a bad thing.

Host to their own personality quirks, dreams, and motivating factors, each one feels unique from the others. While their interests and ambitions may overlap at times, they’re undeniably unique in how they approach each situation, resulting in them playing pivotal roles in how each story arc plays out in Hunter x Hunter.

This also means that there are a variety of different characters for you to see yourself in. Maybe you’re a little like the curiosity-driven Gon, who is willing to give anyone or anything a chance so long as he can learn something new; or, maybe you’re more like Kurapika, who is willing to do anything to achieve their goals and protect those they care about.

But then, which one are you most like? Which Hunter from Hunter x Hunter is your mirror image, and the one you share the most in common with?

We’re here to help you come to a conclusion on that topic. Below you’ll find a personality quiz tailor-made to match you with your ideal Hunter counterpart in Hunter x Hunter. Be sure to think carefully about each answer you give, as there are more potential outcomes than you might suspect.

Now then, let’s get to the questions.

Images Source: Madhouse via Crunchyroll

Which Hunter Are You? Find out With This Hunter X Hunter Personality Quiz

Where do you feel most at home?
Which of these would you say you treasure most?
Which Greed Island card would you find most useful?
How do you tend to approach conflict?
What's a word you associate with "Family?"
What would you want a collection of?
What's your ideal pet?
Which types of food do you tend to prefer?
Which phrase best describes your moral standing?
Why would you want to become a Hunter?

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