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Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment E3 Predictions: What to Expect


Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment E3 Predictions: What to Expect

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in gaming, as everyone prepares to see information and footage from all of their favorite developers and publishers at the massive event that is E3. Warner Bros is one of those big names that has been confirmed, so we’re going to go through what you can expect to see from their showcase with some predictions. 

These predictions include sure things like Back 4 Blood and even some hopeful appearances like the next installment in the Injustice series. Without further delay, here are our Warner Bros E3 2021 predictions.

Back 4 Blood Beta Information

Warner Bros E3 2021 Predictions

Back 4 Blood, Warner Bros E3

So far, there is a significant amount of information out about Back 4 Blood already. The game’s characters, gameplay, and unique features have been detailed throughout multiple trailers or gameplay videos, and there is even an exact release date. 

The next logical step for the game is to reveal some information about its upcoming open beta, which was teased back in March. In the announcement, Back 4 Blood’s official Twitter account stated that the community could try out the game in summer 2021. 

Since summer is already here, it seems likely that they’ll reveal sign-ups are available right after they present some more general info on the game. Regardless of what does end up being shown though, Back 4 Blood is at least confirmed for the event, so you can rest assured that you’ll at least be getting something new. 

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