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Can You Remember These Legend of Zelda Side Characters? Take This Quiz to Find Out

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Can You Remember These Legend of Zelda Side Characters? Take This Quiz to Find Out

The Legend of Zelda is full of diverse characters throughout the entire series. Of course, many people can recognize the three holders of the Triforce: Link, Zelda, and Ganon, even if they haven’t played any of the games.

With over 15 main series titles and many spin-offs, there are literally hundreds of characters in the Zelda franchise. Some are recurring throughout the series while others are side characters who only appear at one point in a single game.

Whether you’ve only played one or two Zelda games or you’re a series veteran and have played every title, this quiz will test your memory of the characters in the games. You’ll see a picture and a short description of the character, and you’ll have to pick the correct name out of four choices. Good luck!

Can You Remember These Characters From The Legend of Zelda Series?

Who is this humorous rival to Link in Skyward Sword who has a crush on Zelda?
Who is this man dressed in green in Wind Waker who wants to be a fairy?
Who is this Zora king from Breath of the Wild who was the father of Princess Mipha?
Who is this farmhand who traps Link in Lon Lon Ranch in Ocarina of Time?
Who is this funny hat companion from the Minish Cap?
Who is this child who goes from small shop owner to big business leader in Twilight Princess?
Who is this man who wants to see his cucco chicks grow up before the moon crashes in Majora's Mask?
Who is this citizen in the Adventure of Link who tells you how to find the passage to the palace?
Who is this woman in Link's Awakening who owns a health spa and sells you Secret Medicine?
Who is this man from Twilight Princess who sold his soul to Poes for riches, only to be turned to gold?
Who is this unenthusiastic man from Wind Waker who runs the squid hunt minigame on Windfall island?
Finally, who is this ancient robot from Skyward Sword who begrudgingly helps Link?
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