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Art of Apex Legends Hardcover Book Goes Up for Preorder on Amazon


Art of Apex Legends Hardcover Book Goes Up for Preorder on Amazon

Any Apex Legends fans that have been dying to get their hands on some detailed art of their favorite characters in the game are in luck. Earlier today, Amazon officially revealed the brand new Art of Apex Legends hardcover, now available for preorder.

Published by Dark Horse, this hardcover volume is made up of 192 pages, consisting of art and developer commentary on Apex Legends. Amazon provides the following description for the book’s contents:

The next evolution of battle royale has arrived, and it can now be enjoyed in more detail than ever before. Pore over the finest features of unique legendary skins, marvel at the deadly intricacies of every dynamic weapon, explore each nook and cranny of the game’s battle-scarred arenas, and more!

Whether you main Wraith or Mirage, are a hardcore aggressor or a fastidious shotcaller, or even if you’re just a fan of gorgeous video game concept art and intimate creator commentary, The Art of Apex Legends is sure to thrill fans of any stripe!

The Art of Apex Legends Hardcover is set to publish later this year on Nov. 9. If you’re interested in preordering your own copy, simply head over to this link. We’ve also linked the cover art for you to take a look at right below.

Apex Legends

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