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15 Biggest New E3 2021 Games, Ranked by Hype


15 Biggest New E3 2021 Games, Ranked by Hype

This year marked E3’s big return after a year hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, and while it may not have quite delivered the thrills and spills of shows gone by, there’s still been plenty to get excited about. In particular, new game announcements, which are always the most thrilling aspect of any E3 show if you ask us.

So, here we’re going to be recapping the 15 newly announced games we consider to be the biggest showstoppers of E3 2021 and ranking them in order of hype. We’re measuring them both by how much we’re looking forward to playing them and the exciting nature of their reveal, be it expected or entirely surprising.

15. Soulstice

E3 2021 Games Ranked by Hype

E3 2021 games ranked by hype

Twinfinite already has Soulstice down as one of E3 2021’s biggest action/adventure games, and so of course we’re giving it the nod as one to be hyped over. It might not have announced itself with the sort of pomp and spectacle of some of the other games on this list, but the notion of a “next-generation Souls-like,” as developer Reply Game Studios describes it, has us excited.

Its unique gameplay mechanic has players combining the abilities of its two sister protagonists to create powerful single strikes, and that sounds exactly like the sort of clever innovation we like to see from what can at times feel like a cookie-cutter genre. It comes to consoles and PC next year.

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