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Returnal: How to Beat Ixion Boss Battle (Crimson Wastes)

Returnal Ixion Boss

Returnal: How to Beat Ixion Boss Battle (Crimson Wastes)

Returnal constantly tests your reflexes, aim, and perseverance. Some of its most challenging tests come in its boss fights. If you’re having trouble with them, read on. Here’s how to beat the Ixion boss battle in Returnal’s Crimson Wastes biome.

How to Beat Crimson Wastes Ixion Boss in Returnal

This is another boss that you’ll want to fight using long-range weapons if you can. The Tachyomatic Carbine with Leech Rounds, the Hollowseeker with Serrated Projectiles, and even the Modified Sidearm with Homing Missiles are your best bets here. Alt-fire options that home in on enemies, like Trackerswarm, are extremely useful.

Returnal Ixion Boss Phase 1

Ixion loves to fly around the area, so you won’t be getting close to it. And you won’t want to; one of its most dangerous attacks in this phase involves flying directly at you from one end of the arena to the other, then back again. Time your dodge just right to the right or left to avoid this flying dive.

Returnal Ixion Boss

The other attack to watch out for is a huge spiral of blue energy balls that Ixion will shoot at you. Just like with Phrike, pick a direction and strafe constantly to avoid damage. Dodge if the orbs get too close, but don’t do it too often or spam it because you’ll risk being caught in a tight spot as your dodge recharges.

Returnal Ixion Boss Phase 2

This is where things get tough. Ixion adds in a bunch of new moves for phase two. The most visually confusing (and cool-looking) move is one where it sits in the middle of the arena and sends out tall waves of blue energy while firing more orbs. Dash through the blue waves while making sure orbs aren’t waiting on the other side.

Returnal Ixion Boss Shoot

Ixion will fire fast blue pellets that track your movement as well. You can strafe one direction, then dash back toward them to pass through them.

It will also dive at you just like in the last phase, but it’ll be shooting energy orbs at the same time in this phase. Try not to use your dodges in a panic, even though things will get hectic on-screen.

Returnal Ixion Boss Phase 3

In this phase, Ixion will start to use melee attacks as it follows you around the arena. It has a red laser whip that shoots red orbs, a stomp that sends out ground waves, and a combo attack.

Keep your sights trained on Ixion the entire time to keep whittling away its health as you dodge its barrage of moves, even as it gets too close for comfort.

These new moves will make it tough for you to keep your distance, but always back up while strafing if you can. Jump over the ground pound rings as they appear. Don’t dash through them, because you’ll need your dodge to avoid the melee attack follow-up. Try to rely on your regular movement to avoid being hit by the slow attacks.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat the Ixion boss battle in Returnal’s Crimson Wastes. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our guide wiki.

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