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Returnal: How to Dodge & Dash

Returnal How to Dodge and Dash

Returnal: How to Dodge & Dash

Like with so many other roguelikes out there, knowing how to dodge and dash in Returnal is paramount. It’ll determine whether or not you avoid the constant barrages of energy blasts from enemies, and whether or not you discover the true cause of main character Selene’s endless cycle of undeath.

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide on the subject. Read on to find out how the mechanic works, when the best times to use it are, and more.

How to Dodge and Dash in Returnal

Being integral mechanics that you’ll use often, dodging and dashing in Returnal is super easy to do.

Tapping the Circle button will see your character dash forward. You can increase the distance traveled during the dash by pressing and holding the Circle button, and dashing while in midair will allow you to travel a further distance before falling back down to the ground.

You’ll also have invincibility frames while the dash is active, which will allow you to avoid damage by timing it appropriately. However, you will be vulnerable for a short period between dashes, meaning you won’t be able to stay invincible by spamming the dash button.

When the Best Times to Dodge and Dash Are

With all this in mind, there are definitely better times than others to dodge and dash in Returnal.

While the invulnerability offered by the dash is crucial to surviving enemy waves, the vulnerability window between dashes makes timing them crucial. Pay close attention to all of the attacks sent out by enemies, and make sure you don’t dodge one attack only to run into a series of fatal blows.

Likewise, you’ll want to get a good feel for the extended air time from dashing after jumping. It can help you reach otherwise inaccessible parts of the environment, and help you to gain a better vantage point to eliminate enemies.

That’s all there is to know about how to dodge and dash in Returnal. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki. It has tips, tricks, and info on plenty of other mechanics from the game.

There should also be an array of related articles down below, covering everything from news and trailers to our review of the new PS5 exclusive.

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