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Check Out Valorant’s New Map & Battlepass in This Act III Trailer


Check Out Valorant’s New Map & Battlepass in This Act III Trailer

Valorant Episode 2 Act III kicks off today, and as usual, there’s a new (superbly well-edited) trailer to celebrate. The brief sequence takes place almost entirely on the game’s new map, Breeze, which is the big addition to the game for this next Act. Of course, the new Battlepass cosmetics are also on full display.

Breeze is only the second Valorant map to be added to the game’s rotation its launch last year, increasing the map pool to a total of six. Unlike most of the other maps, though, Breeze is a larger, more open map that has been designed to encourage medium and long-range gunfights.

Senior game designer Sal Garozzo explained in a statement:

“One of the main goals we had when developing Breeze was building larger and more open spaces with longer sightlines than the other maps in the pool. This provides an opportunity for different weapons and Agents to shine. Each map should provide different strengths and weaknesses for the Agents in the roster to explore while supporting different types of strategies and team compositions.”

For a full breakdown on everything coming in Act III, you can check out our detailed article here. If you’d like a more detailed look at the new map, Breeze, we’ve got a dedicated article for exactly that here. For those who haven’t already read the full list of changes and fixes coming with Patch 2.08, which launches with Act III later today, you can do so here.

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