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What’s New in Valorant Act 3? Everything You Need to Know


What’s New in Valorant Act 3? Everything You Need to Know

Next week brings the start of Valorant’s final Act of Episode 2, and there’s some exciting new content on the way. Here we’ll be running over everything you need to know about Act 3 ahead of its launch next week.

New Map, Breeze

Everything New in Valorant Act 3

Valorant new map, Breeze, Act 3

By far and away the most notable addition to Valorant in Act 3 is its new map, Breeze. Once a tropical island paradise, Breeze has been transformed into a battlefield after a large container ship containing Radianite was captured by pirats and ran aground off its coast.

The design of Breeze puts the focus on wide-open spaces that should result in plenty of medium and long-range firefights. While there are just two Spike sites on the map, it’s a fairly large map more similar in scale to Icebox than, say, Bind. Notable locations include the interior of the container ship, as well as the A Spike site which lacks the plentiful cover that players are used to in other maps. You can check out our detailed breakdown with over 20 screenshots here.

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