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10 Best Valorant Skin Bundles, Ranked From Cool to Coolest


10 Best Valorant Skin Bundles, Ranked From Cool to Coolest

While it might be lacking in maps, modes, and playable characters when compared with the rest of the tactical shooter genre, there’s no other game that does weapon skins quite like Valorant. From eye-popping artistry to addictive sound effects, Riot Games has produced some of the most elaborately crafted designs ever seen in gaming.

But which are the best Valorant skin bundles so far? Which justify the eye-watering price tags that are worth flipping the bill for and enduring a week of bread and water for the bragging rights?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course; your mileage is going to vary on which you personally think are prettiest. Nonetheless, we’re here to give our take on which 10 Valorant skins packs we think feature the best designs, artwork, sound effects, and overall style.

10. Magepunk

Best Valorant Skin Bundles

The first entry on our list is also Valorant’s latest premium skin line, the Magepunk bundle. Premium in looks, that is, though not in price; the Magepunk bundle is the first to drop the price down to what would typically be deemed appropriate for skins without special animations, finishers, and sound effects. We’re certainly not complaining!

However, Magepunk earns its spot not for its affordability, but for its brilliant steampunk-inspired design. Although we would have loved to have seen more popular weapons included, such as the Phantom and Vandal, the artwork and special effects definitely make these worth picking up.

Standouts include the Ghost and the Spectre, the latter featuring an ejection port that rocks backward and forward after firing a round, which is a really neat touch.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Magepunk line is the awesome finisher, which sees enemies caged and then electrocuted in a Leyden Jar.

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