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Spiritfarer Set to Receive Major Updates, New Characters in 2021

Spiritfarer Gets Content Roadmap for 2021

Spiritfarer Set to Receive Major Updates, New Characters in 2021

Thunderlotus Games has released a development roadmap for Spiritfarer, detailing additional content and updates planned for the game in the coming months.

Released via a post to the developer’s official website on Feb. 11, the roadmap offers info on three separate phases of free content updates planned for release: The Lily Update, the Beverly Update and the Jackie & Daria update. Each one will introduce a new character to the game, along with fixes for known issues, new buildings for players to construct and so on.

The first update, named after main character Stella’s sister Lily, sees the protagonist’s sibling join her in her adventures. A mass of butterflies, she’ll mainly be active in the dark and allow players to travel at night.

Alongside her addition to Spiritfarer, the update will also see the introduction of new UI elements and improvements to co-op play, including the ability to fish together. It’ll be available sometime in Spring 2021.

After that is the Beverly update, named after a small bird spirit who happens to be Stella’s former neighbor. She’ll bring with her the new Archive Room building, which you can use to view a slew of new collectibles referred to as Acetate Sheets.

There are also a number of quality of life fixes planned for release alongside this content, with more specifics planned to be revealed as the update’s Summer 2021 release window draws closer.

Finally, there’s the Jackie & Daria update. Planned for release in Fall 2021, this update will bring with it a pair of Spirits to interact with; one being a former caretaker and the other their patient. This update will bring an entirely new island to the game, along with a new event players can partake in regularly.

The roadmap also came with some teaser images of the new characters, which can be viewed here.

Released in August of last year, Spiritfarer gained a fair bit of praise for its blend of impactful storytelling and management sim gameplay. We were definitely among some of its biggest supporters, and you can see why by reading our full review.

Spiritfarer is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch. For more on the game, check out our list of the Best Indie Games of 2020 to see where it landed.

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