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Here Are the New Features We Can Expect in New Pokemon Snap

new pokemon snap

Here Are the New Features We Can Expect in New Pokemon Snap

During the Pokemon Presents stream today, we got another look at New Pokemon Snap, which is releasing on the Switch in late April. The latest trailer details many new features and gameplay that we can expect from this on-rails photography game.

It starts with a look at the NEO-1, the vehicle we’ll be riding in to take photos of the Pokemon in the Lentil region. The trailer shows off a few of the environments we can visit, such as the jungle, desert, and even under the sea.

There is a large variety of Pokemon to encounter, as the trailer shows off a surfing Alolan Raichu, Vaporeon, Tyranitar, and others.

We also get a look at some of the other items we can use to interact with the Pokemon we are taking photos of. We already know about the apples called Fluffruit to make Pokemon happier, and we learn about a few more.

A melody can be played to make Pokemon excited and dance around, which will make for higher-scoring photos. We’ll also be able to use a new item called Illumina Orbs, which will make any Pokemon glow.

Just like in the original Pokemon Snap, you’ll be able to show your photos to the professor to fill up the photo dex and score points. This time, you’ll be able to edit the photos with stickers and frames.

To show off your best photos, you can connect to the Internet to share them online. If your photo is popular enough, it may even be featured and get more attention.

The trailer ends with a look at another special Pokemon you’ll be able to encounter: the mythical Celebi. It’s possible that this will be equivalent to Mew appearing as a final “boss” in the original Pokemon Snap, or perhaps many legendaries and mythicals will make an appearance.

New Pokemon Snap will release on April 30 for the Nintendo Switch. You can watch the latest trailer from Pokemon Presents below.

If you want to catch up on what else what announced during this Pokemon Presents, check out the reveal of Pokemon Legends Arceus, a brand new game in the series.

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