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Here’s What Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary Could Look Like in a Perfect World


Here’s What Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary Could Look Like in a Perfect World

During the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade last month, The Pokemon Company showed off the logo for the upcoming 25th anniversary of Pokemon. They didn’t talk specifics about what would be coming exactly, but we can expect for there to be tons of announcements and reveals in 2021 that are sure to make Pokemon fans go wild.

With Mario having his own anniversary this year and The Legend of Zelda next year, [put how many year anniversaries for these because technically every year is an anniversary haha] we thought it would be fun to talk about what Pokemon’s 25th anniversary could possibly look like, you know, if we all got what we wanted and the world was perfect.

Will any of these things happen? We have no idea. All we can do is put good vibes into the universe and hopefully The Pokemon Company delivers and knocks it out of the park. And if not, there’s always the 30th anniversary in 2026 to look forward to.

Detective Pikachu News Blowout

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Detective Pikachu was a spin-off game that released on the 3DS a couple of years ago that starred a talking Pikachu that worked with his partner, Tim Goodman, to solve Poke-related crimes and problems.

There was a live-action movie adaptation that released in 2019, and most people agreed that it was one of the best video game films ever made, staying true to the world of Pokemon while also just being a delightful watch.

As for what’s coming next for the electric mouse detective, The Pokemon Company has been pretty quiet. We did hear that a new Detective Pikachu game was in the works for the Switch early last year, but no other news about it has surfaced.

Now that the Pokemon anniversary is happening, it would make for a great time to reveal just what this game is, and while they’re at, maybe we can hear about a potential sequel to the live-action film.

We could all use a bit more Detective Pikachu in our lives.

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