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Pokemon GO: Mega Gengar Raid Guide & Counters

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Pokemon GO: Mega Gengar Raid Guide & Counters

Mega Gengar finally crept its way into Pokemon GO Mega raids during the Halloween 2020 event. This Ghost/Poison Mega has quite a few powerful counters, including Mega Gengar itself. Check out the rest of this raid guide to get all the details on the best counters for the Mega Gengar raid in Pokemon GO.

Mega Gengar Raid Guide for Pokemon GO

First off, if you’re looking to duo Mega Gengar, then you might want to think twice. This ‘mon has the highest attack of any raid boss in the history of Pokemon GO. Technically, it may be possible to duo the Mega Gengar raid. However, you’re more likely to emerge victorious with a group of three or more.

Once you take down the big spooky ghost in the Mega Gengar raid, then you’ll be able to catch the regular version of this ‘mon. Without any weather boost, you’ll be able to catch Gengar that’s between CP 1566 and 1644. During Fog or Cloudy weather, the range will increase to CP 1958 and 2055.


Mega Gengar is weak to Ground-, Ghost-, Psychic-, and Dark-type attacks. If you have enough trainers with good Mega Gengar counters, you should be just fine attacking without dodging. In a duo or trio, you may want to try dodging if Mega Gengar has Shadow Ball.

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