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Can You Name These 10 Side Characters from Friends?

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Can You Name These 10 Side Characters from Friends?

Naming the six main characters from Friends is the easiest thing in the world if you’re a fan of the show. Well, what if there was a quiz that had you guess the name of the best side characters from the sitcom?

We have one ready for you to take down below that’ll show you 10 characters, and you just need to choose the correct name –very simple.

And if you end up liking this quiz, we have many more like it right here. If you couldn’t tell, we’re big Friends fans here at Twinfinite, or maybe just me…

Anyway, good luck!

(Images via NBC)

Can You Name These 10 Side Characters From Friends?

Oh my god! This is one is really easy!
We all know this guy from the Central Perk
One of Ross' many girlfriends
And who is this guy?
Alright, this is a deep cut
Can't forget the girl who Rachel kissed that one time in college
And what was the name of Joey's agent?
Jon Favreau played this role in an early season
Do you remember who this is?
The name of Rachel's boss at Ralph Lauren?

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