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These Friends-Themed Collectible Cosplaying Ducks Are Too Cute

friends cosplaying ducks

These Friends-Themed Collectible Cosplaying Ducks Are Too Cute

The popular television sitcom that is Friends seems to never stop when it comes to invading everything in pop culture, even in 2020. The newest type of official Friends merchandise comes from Numskull Designs in the form of collectible cosplaying ducks. Yes, ducks!

There are six different ducks that resemble the main cast of characters from Friends and it’s just perfect. Ross has on his fancy professor coat, Joey is eating a slice of pizza (of course), Monica looks like she’s ready to clean the entire apartment building, Pheobe is probably singing “Smelly Cat”, and Rachel is pouring a ‘cup a Joe’ for a Central Perk customer.

You can check out some images of the cosplaying ducks down below. Each one costs $12.99 and they will start shipping sometime in November. You can also take advantage of a special sale that nets you two ducks for just $20, which isn’t bad at all. Make sure to pre-order now while they’re still available.

And if you’re looking for even more Friends content, we have several challenging trivia quizzes that will stump even the most hardcore of Friends fans. Here’s one for you to try right here and another that tests you on quotes from the show.

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