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Here Are Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ Pre-Order Bonuses

super mario 3d all-stars pre-order

Here Are Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ Pre-Order Bonuses

Can you all believe that just one week ago, we had no idea that Super Mario 3D All-Stars was a thing and now we’re only nine days from it releasing –it’s wild. If you’re planning to purchase this physically, then you might want to know all about Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ pre-order bonuses, right? Who doesn’t love free stuff?

OK so as for right now, there are only three major retail chains that are offering any sort of pre-order bonuses for Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and those three are GameStop, Walmart, and Target. Let’s check them all out.


If you choose to go with GameStop with your pre-order then you’ll be able to snag these adorable Mario-themed covers for your Joy-Con.

The left, middle, and right sides of the designs have three images of Mario from each 3D Mario game that’s part of the collection. You can get this one here.

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