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Marvel’s Iron Man VR Gets New Patch That Adds New Game Modes, Weapons, & More

Marvel's Iron Man VR update, patch

Marvel’s Iron Man VR Gets New Patch That Adds New Game Modes, Weapons, & More

Camouflaj, the developer of Marvel’s Iron Man VR, has announced that the PSVR-exclusive title will be getting a free patch today that adds a lot of new content and several highly-requested quality-of-life changes.

Patch 1.06 will add a New Game+ mode that will allow players to experience the main story over again but without having to give up Research Points and unlocks for the Impulse Armor.

The new mode will become available as soon as you finish up the game for the first time and if you really want a challenge the second time around, there’s a new difficulty mode called “Ultimate” –sounds tough to me.

The new patch will also bring with it new weapons for Tony Stark to use on his enemies. The Continuous Beam Repulsor lets you shoot out beams continuously for a few seconds; the EM Charge Cannon fires a powerful charged shot; the Micro Swarm shoots out multiple, tiny bullets to deal with large groups of smaller foes, and last but not least, the Gravity Bomb traps enemies in a single location.

Eight Custom Armor Decos will also be added to the Armor Station in the garage and new challenges will become available once you scoop those up.

And to round out the massive update for Marvel’s Iron Man VR, Camouflaj has been hard at work to deliver these quality-of-life changes for all players. Here are the details straight from the blog post:

Improved Load Times

We’ve improved our load times across the board, including 20-30 second decreased times when loading into Shanghai missions. A big shoutout to our engineering team for their continued efforts on this front.

Skip Cinematics without Loading on Replay

When replaying missions, either in New Game+ mode or otherwise, you now have the option to skip an upcoming cinematic without having to load into it first if you’ve already completed the mission at least once before.

Skippable Side Missions

Based on feedback we received for you all, we have made two story missions skippable, if you so choose. You can use the “Skip Mission” button at the globe to advance past these missions, which will count them as “completed,” but you’ll still need to go back and complete it if you want  the trophies for them.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is now available exclusively for PSVR.

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