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The Hardest Halo Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

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The Hardest Halo Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

The Halo series has been around for a long time. The amount of lore surrounding the video games is huge especially since so many events occurred way before the Master Chief’s lifetime.

This is a giant galaxy and dozens of different lifeforms we’re talking about. They all have their own history especially the fanatical Covenant and the mythical Forerunners. There’s even an official website dedicated to the series’ lore.

With the Master Chief Collection now on PC, we get to be reminded of how in-depth and dense all of this lore is. The world of Halo is so intricately and deeply thought out that you have to admire how much information is packed into it.

There are a lot of extra forms of Halo media that go with the video games series but I’ll take pity on you. We could have gone a lot deeper into the lore details especially with dates. Luckily, this Halo trivia quiz will only dabble in a bit of the books and the video games.

And if you end up liking this quiz, you can find more right here.

Alright, brace yourself. Only a true Halo fan will ace this quiz. =

The Hardest Halo Trivia Quiz You'll Ever Take

On what planet did humans first encounter the Covenant?
What's the Arbiter's real name?
When does Halo 3: ODST take place?
On Noble Team, who is the only Spartan-II?
What is Cortana's AI serial number?
According to the Covenant's religion, what is The Great Journey?
After creation, rampancy in Human Artificial Intelligence generally begins when?
What weapon was used to kill Kat in Halo: Reach?
What was the last test Catherine Halsey gave to a young John-117 to decide if he'd be conscripted into the Spartan-II program?
What designation is given to Spartan-IIs after they die?
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