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This Etsy Shop Sells PS1-Inspired Cases for PS4 Games

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This Etsy Shop Sells PS1-Inspired Cases for PS4 Games

There’s just something about the plastic and square shape of a PS1 game case. It could just be my nostalgia glasses sitting on my face, but you can’t deny that there is some charm to game cases of the past. Some video game covers are still cool nowadays, but now that a lot of people stick to digital downloads, cases don’t matter much anymore.

That’s where this Redditor and Etsy shop owner, byllogan, comes into play.

You see, byllogan mentions in this subreddit that they are forever stuck in 1999, which has led them to remake their PS4 library of games into PS1 style cases. And guess what? All of the game cases are up for purchase on their Etsy shop and they’re totally cool.

So far, byllogan has managed to recreate over 20 cases from some of the most popular PS4 exclusives and even some third-party titles as well. You can see some in the image down below but they have a case for Resident Evil 3, Final Fantasy VII Remake, God of War, The Last of Us, and many, many more.

ps1 games ps4 cases, etsy

Each PS1 case only costs $20 and comes included with front, back, and inside artwork. Unfortunately, the actual game disc doesn’t come with the purchase (darn).

You can check out the entire collection on Etsy right here.

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