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5 DLC Ideas That Would Take The Last of Us Part II’s Story to New Heights (Spoilers)


5 DLC Ideas That Would Take The Last of Us Part II’s Story to New Heights (Spoilers)

The Last of Us Part II is a beefy game as it is, but that doesn’t mean it covers every possible caveat of its story. Some characters’ adventures are left up to the imagination, leaving plenty of room for happenings which can still be explored through downloadable story expansions. With all this in mind, we couldn’t help but come up with five DLC ideas that would make The Last of Us 2 even better.

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

Lev and Yara’s Escape From the Scars

Lev and Yara have emerged as some of the fan-favorite new characters from The Last of Us Part II, but there’s still plenty of their story that remains unexplored; namely, how they escaped from the Seraphites.

The trek from the Seraphites’ island into Seattle is far from a short one, and it has clearly had an impact on them by the time Yara is captured alongside Abby.

Not only that, but they would have had to avoid detection or capture by the WLF, serving to turn the trek into a tense journey of stealth and survival.

This makes them prime candidates for being the focus of some DLC or even a small stand-alone game.

Players could step into the role of Lev and act as a master archer, guiding him and his sister through the dangerous warzone in stealth and combat-focused segments.

It would also offer up the chance to further flesh out the siblings’ relationship.

The two could share several conversations regarding the Seraphites, their dreams of what lies outside their island and insights into their religious beliefs, fleshing out their characters further while also expanding on the series’ lore as a whole.

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