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Pokemon GO Fest 2020 is Going Fully Digital This Summer

Pokemon GO Fest 2020

Pokemon GO Fest 2020 is Going Fully Digital This Summer

More than a few big, in-person conventions have made the transition to become fully digital this year. From E3 to GDC, the list of events isn’t exactly a short one. Pokemon GO Fest 2020 is the latest one to make the adjustment.

Last year, Pokemon GO Fest was held in three different locations as three separate events. The events in Chicago, Dortmund, and Yokohama brought in a total of over 600,000 people.

This year may see that number increase since the event will be completely digital. Trainers from all over the world will be coming together this time around.

The event will be held on July 25 and 26 this year. Fans worldwide will be able to participate, and ticket holders will be able to attend both days. The weekend will include in-game bonuses, Special Research, and interesting Pokemon encounters.

Players will also have access to new ways of communicating and interacting with one another during Pokemon GO Fest 2020.

That’s all the information that was posted on the game’s site for now, but the Pokemon GO team has stated that more updates are coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled for new info from Niantic as we approach the event’s start date.

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