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Apex Legends Character Trailer Shows Loba’s Abilities in Detail

Apex Legends Loba Abilities

Apex Legends Character Trailer Shows Loba’s Abilities in Detail

For a few weeks now, Apex Legends players have been waiting for the day that Loba’s abilities would be revealed in full. That day has come, and she seems to be even better than anticipated.

Respawn released a Fortune’s Favor gameplay trailer last week, but it didn’t actually provide too many specifics regarding what’s new in Season 5. With that said, Loba has finally been given her own detailed site page along with a new trailer showcasing her various in-game skills.

Loba’s Tactical Ability allows her to throw a Jump Drive bracelet, then teleport to its location to traverse the map in creative ways. With her Passive Ability, she can spot epic and legendary loot through walls.

Lastly, her Ultimate places a portable device that brings nearby loot to you, allowing allies to pick and choose what they want. Enemies can also access the Ultimate, so you’ll need to be careful when activating it.

Check out all of Loba’s abilities for yourself in the new Apex Legends character trailer below:

Loba is looking like a nice new addition to any squad, but is she looking good enough for you to add her to yours?

We’re still waiting on new info for the Season 5 Battle Pass, but we might just have to wait until Fortune’s Favor goes live tomorrow to see what it contains.

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