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This Grandma Unboxing Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is a Must-Watch

grandma animal crossing new horizons

This Grandma Unboxing Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is a Must-Watch

An 88-year-old woman named Audrey is known for having spent thousands of hours tending to her town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf has finally gotten the chance to experience the next iteration of the franchise, New Horizons, thanks to a special gift from her son, who is also an indie developer with a YouTube channel named Phubans.

Audrey answered some questions from fans about her love of Animal Crossing and she talked about how New Leaf was your first experience with the series, and that her favorite thing about the game is pretty much being able to have a “dollhouse” and having control of how it all looks.

She also mentions that the villagers can get a little sassy –just wait until she meets Zipper in New Horizons.

When asked about what she’s most excited about doing in this new Animal Crossing game, she told her son that she really wants to jump over those ditches with a stick but is afraid of falling in the water.

You can watch the adorable unboxing and her first few minutes of playing the game down below:

After playing over 4000 hours of New Leaf, I hope Audrey is ready to sink even more time into New Horizons.

For more on New Horizons, you can check out our glowing review down below and our extensive Guide Wiki that’s full of tips and tricks.

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