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Super Mario Maker 2 Officially Hits 10 Million Playable Courses

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Super Mario Maker 2 Officially Hits 10 Million Playable Courses

Nintendo has announced in a tweet that Super Mario Maker 2, their creation game that lets players make their own Mario levels in classic or modern styles, has reached a milestone of 10 million playable courses.

To celebrate this milestone, Nintendo has increased the upload limit from the 64 it was raised to in July, to an awesome 100. This goes to show what is possible when gamers are allowed to make their own fun from lovably nostalgic building blocks.

A whole 36 extra uploads to possibly add to Twinfinite’s list of already punishingly hard Super Mario Maker 2 levels, if you’re into frustration.

10 million is quite a lot considering the game will be eight months old this month. For the sake of (close) math, if you call it 30 days a month, 240 days, that’s an average of nearly 42,000 levels uploaded a day. That’s a lot of Mario, and math just happened in a news article about video games.

If you’re maybe on the fence about something with that daunting of a number behind it, you can always take a look at Twinfinite’s Super Mario Maker 2 review to see if it actually is for you, though if you just look at that number, all of that enjoyment really does make a case for itself.

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