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Nintendo Increases Super Mario Maker 2 Upload Limit, Adds New Level

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Nintendo Increases Super Mario Maker 2 Upload Limit, Adds New Level

Super Mario Maker 2 has taken the world by storm, but many creators are quickly approaching the maximum number of uploadable stages.

Nintendo of America announced today in a tweet that this limit will be bumped up with a new update. Right now players are allowed to upload a grand total of 32 stages in the Mario course creation game. With this new update, the maximum number of stages you’ll be allowed to upload will double. That means you’ll be able to share 64 of your creations with the rest of the world.

Nintendo of America continued on to let fans know that this will be just the beginning of the updates for Super Mario Maker 2. They mentioned that they plan to raise the maximum upload limit again sometime in the future and to stay tuned for new information.

This technically means that there could be no limit to the total number of levels you can upload in Super Mario Maker 2, as long as Nintendo continues to support it. While support for the title will end eventually, regular upgrades to their server capacity could make the maximum number of uploadable levels reach a point where even the most active creators wouldn’t need to worry about the limits.

Also, a new Super Mario Maker 2 level was showcased alongside the news of the increase in maximum level uploads. This new level is in the original Super Mario Bros Style and focuses on using the Super Ball power-up which originated in Super Mario Land on the original Game Boy.

This new level was uploaded by Nintendo, so you theoretically could find it in multiplayer or endless mode. If you don’t want to leave anything up to chance, then you can use the level code to find and download the game directly to your Switch. The code for this new level is 24Y-BMK-5JG.

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