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Still Want an NES or SNES Classic? Buy a Cheap Refurbished One

SNES Classic

Still Want an NES or SNES Classic? Buy a Cheap Refurbished One

Several years ago, Nintendo released the NES and SNES Classic consoles, and they sold like hot cakes. While interest has died down quite a bit (although we’re still waiting for the company to announce the N64 Classic), apparently there’s still a market for the pre-existing retro mini consoles, and Nintendo is selling refurbished versions at slightly discounted prices.

As the name suggests, the refurbished NES and SNES Classics are used copies that have been returned to Nintendo. But, the company promises the consoles are “fully functional” despite any “minor cosmetic blemishes.” And, just in case they don’t work, the refurbished NES and SNES Classic consoles come with a one year warranty.

The refurbished consoles also come with all the necessities packaged in the original versions, including the AC adapter, HDMI cable, and wired controllers (one controller for the NES classic, two for the SNES). More importantly, the consoles are now $10 cheaper than they were at launch, so you can snag the consoles for $49.99 and $69.99, respectively. That slight discount might not sound like much, but they’re a steal of a deal compared to the classic consoles sold through eBay.

Plus, eBay has a bit of a bootleg console problem. You might buy what you think is an SNES Classic for $20, but what you get is more than likely a knockoff of questionable quality. With Nintendo’s refurbished consoles, you don’t roll loaded dice; gamers generally have positive experiences with the company’s second hand products.

If you have been dying for an NES or SNES Classic, don’t lose hope. Just remember that if you go the cheaper (and official) route of buying a refurbished model, it might come with a few minor scuffs. Then again, Nintendo no longer manufactures these mini consoles, so it’s either one of those or a scalped NES or SNES Classic that costs $200 and might not be real.

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