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SNES Classic Edition Has Sold Over 5.28 Million Units

SNES Classic

SNES Classic Edition Has Sold Over 5.28 Million Units

Just in case you weren’t sure whether or not the SNES Classic Edition was a successful product, the numbers are in and it’s a bona fide hit, in terms of sales and units moved. Total sales for the SNES Classic Edition have now exceed 5.28 million just since March 31, as Nintendo announced during its latest financial earnings results call.

Previously, the SNES Classic Edition had been reported as selling four million units back in January, meaning since then it’s managed to put out a whopping 1.28 million units, which no one needs to explain is a whole lot of games. That’s a lot of SNES Classic Editions, that’s for sure. The system has sold an astounding amount ever since debuting in late September 2017 in North America and Europe, and then Japan in October 2017. It’s become a little easier to find as well, ever since it was initially one of the most difficult things to procure since an NES Classic.

This kind of success essentially cements the fact that Nintendo will likely be working on more of these things in the future, but for now if you don’t have any of the systems, you may consider picking one up. It’s definitely a purchase worth investing in.

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