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You Can Gooigi Yourself With This Luigi’s Mansion 3 Image Creator

luigi's mansion 3, Gooigi

You Can Gooigi Yourself With This Luigi’s Mansion 3 Image Creator

We all know that Professor E. Gadd’s goo version of Luigi, Gooigi, is probably one of the best new features in Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Nintendo knows it. The company has created a cool new image creator on the official site for Luigi’s Mansion that allows fans to “Gooigi” themselves by photoshopping a picture of themselves into the image tool.

If you head on over to the activity center right here, you can upload a photo or take a snapshot of yourself using your webcam to then place a cutout of it on a certain location in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

You can also place objects, enemies, and cool decorations to make a cute collage that you can show off on Twitter, Facebook, or just for sending over to your parents or something over Thanksgiving break. They’ll probably ask you what the heck a Gooigi is, but they’ll still be happy to hear from you.

Check out the site for yourself and share your ghostly creations with us! As you can see in the featured image above, I took a photo of myself screaming and I placed Luigi so it looks like he’s scared of my face… how clever am I!

Anyways, if you’re looking for more Luigi’s Mansion content, make sure to check out our review on the game, a neat feature that ranks all of the boss ghosts based on their jobs, and another about things you can do once you beat the game.

Have fun Gooigiing yourself!

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