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Need for Speed Heat: How to Get REP Fast

Need for Speed Heat fast REP

Need for Speed Heat: How to Get REP Fast

If you’re having a tough time progressing through Need for Speed due to a serious lack of REP, we’re here to help. Gaining REP can be a slow process at times, so here are a few ways to get REP fast in Need for Speed Heat.

You’ll need to gain REP to progress in any meaningful way in the game. REP is needed to gain levels, which, in turn, allows you to gain access to new missions. It also unlocks new parts to purchase for your cars that can aid in completing said missions.

Additionally, some of the best cars in the game can’t be bought until you reach levels in the 30s and 40s. There are a number of ways to gain that much REP, and they’re detailed below.

How to Get REP Fast in Need for Speed Heat

Play Night Events With High Heat

The majority of missions that reward players with REP can only be accessed at night. Early on, REP rewards for these events fall between a 2-7k range, which isn’t much in the grand scheme of things.

As you complete night events, you’ll begin to have regular run-ins with patrolling police vehicles. This is where the Heat multiplier comes into play. These run-ins aren’t exactly friendly affairs. As you continue to evade the cops and cause damage, your Heat level can rise to a max level of five.

The REP that you gain is multiplied by your Heat level for the night. The trick to getting REP quickly at night is to get your Heat level as high as possible without overwhelming yourself with too much attention from Palm City law enforcement.

One of the fastest ways to earn REP in Need for Speed Heat is to participate in High Heat Races, if you’re feeling confident. These events only become available after reaching Heat level three or higher.

Night events can be repeated endlessly, so picking a simple one to repeat multiple times is a viable option as well. Your REP for the night is cut considerably if you get caught, so don’t risk it all by biting off more than you can chew.

Complete Day Challenges

For those who prefer not to live life on the edge, REP can also be earned during the day. To access these challenges, head to the Racer Challenges tab in the Garage.

You’ll be rewarded with REP each time you complete a task on the challenge list that you choose. A completion bonus is also awarded when a list is finished in its entirety.

You can hit left on the d-pad at any time out in the world to cycle through the list of challenges if you ever forget them. This is a great way to get REP if you also need to earn Bank at the same time.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get REP fast in Need for Speed Heat. We also have some tips on how to make some quick Bank as well. If you’re looking for any more pointers, check out the guides below.

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