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Need for Speed Heat: How to Get Money (Bank) Fast

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Need for Speed Heat: How to Get Money (Bank) Fast

Just as is usually the case in Need for Speed games, in Heat you need to win races to earn money so that you can buy cars to win the tougher races. Some of the cars in the new game are pretty expensive though, so you’ll need to know how to get money quickly. So that you’re not wasting time driving around aimlessly, here’s everything you need to know about how to get money (Bank) fast in Need for Speed Heat.

Money is earned in a few ways, but below we will run you through what to focus on if you’re trying to get some fast.

How to Get Money (Bank) Fast in Need for Speed Heat

Play Day Events

The day time events are the best to play if you’re after money. While the Night is important to level up and unlock new events, the rewards are REP based rather than money based.

Every event during the Day gives a Bank reward, which is usually around the 10-20k mark. You can just go around and complete all the new events to get some money, but the best thing to do might be to repeat one in particular.

If you find one event in particular that gives a good bank reward, isn’t too long (less than a minute per lap), and you find easy to win every time, then just keep playing it.

This will help you earn money fast because you won’t have to travel between events to play them again and you get the same amount of Bank every time you play it. It’s not the best for progressing the story, but it’s an easy way to quickly grind money.

Keep An Eye Out For Billboards & Speed Traps on Need for Speed Heat’s Map

Speed Traps, Billboards, and Long Jumps will all give you a small amount of money if you complete them.

Therefore, if you pass them while you’re moving between events in Need for Speed Heat, be sure to try and stop to complete them. It’ll slowly add to your Bank total and keep you ticking along to your next car.

Complete Night Challenges to Get Money Fast

When you do have to play at night to earn REP that allows you to level up and progress through the story, it doesn’t mean you cannot earn money at all.

When you’re at your Garage in Need for Speed Heat, take a look at the Challenges tab and track the Night ones. They’re usually simple things like taking out cops or winning events, but each one offers a small amount of Bank as a reward.

Then, once you’ve completed the three challenges in the set, you’ll get a larger amount of money as a reward. By pressing left on the d-pad and then cycling through the options with up and down, you can check them and your progress towards them.

Just be sure to keep them in mind while racing at night as it’ll give you a nice little money boost.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get money (Bank) fast in Need for Speed Heat. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite. We have also listed some other helpful guides on the game down below.

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