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Fortnite Hidden ‘N’ Location: The Lowdown Mission


Fortnite Hidden ‘N’ Location: The Lowdown Mission

With the release of the ‘The Lowdown’ Mission in Fortnite, there’s a new hidden letter somewhere on the map. Upon completing eight challenges from ‘The Lowdown’ Mission, players will then be able to unlock the loading screen which reveals the hidden location. Here’s where to find Fortnite’s hidden ‘N’ location from The Lowdown Mission.

Where to Find Hidden ‘N’ in Fortnite Chapter 2

If we want to figure out where we can find the hidden ‘N’ on Fortnite’s map, we first need to unlock and take a look at the loading screen for the week 5 challenges.

Upon completing eight, players will unlock the ‘The Lowdown’ loading screen shown below.

fortnite the lowdown mission
Fortnite ‘The Lowdown’ Loading Screen

It seems to show a bunch of special operations Fortnite characters getting a special mission briefing before they head off. They’re in some sort of hangar, but what we’re really interested in is the hidden ‘N’ in the top left corner of the screen, on the back wall of said hangar.

So where is this mysterious hangar? Well, it can be found just southwest of Holly Hedges, shown on our map below.

Fortnite hidden N location

Here, you’ll find a hangar right on the bend of the road where we’ve circled on the map. Head inside and run up the steps to reach the back of the hangar where the hidden ‘N’ was shown on the loading screen.

As you approach the location, the N will reveal itself, and you’ll be all set to grab it and add it to your collection. Speaking of hidden letters, we’ve got guides for all of the existing hidden letters in Fortnite Chapter 2 down below.

Fortnite hidden N location

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Fortnite’s hidden ‘N’ location. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to head on over to our wiki or search for Twinfinite.

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