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Death Stranding Has a Cute Mads Mikkelsen Easter Egg If You Play on Your Birthday

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Death Stranding Has a Cute Mads Mikkelsen Easter Egg If You Play on Your Birthday

Once you boot up Death Stranding on your PS4 and begin to configure the typical settings such as brightness and difficulty, you will also be asked to input your birthday into the system and the game will tell you something related to star signs and constellations and DOOMS.

Apparently, the date that you put into the system doesn’t affect anything gameplay-wise, as far as we know, but there is a cute easter egg that happens if you happen to play Death Stranding on your birthday and it involves Mads Millelsen’s character, Cliff, giving you some flowers.

To make this happen, make sure to go to Sam’s private room on your birthday that you inputted into the game and then you’ll notice something different in the room right next to those Monster Energy drinks.

In a video uploaded by YouTuber, xGarbett, you can see the red birthday cake pop up in Sam’s private room and once he leaves the room, there is a short cutscene that plays out that shows Cliff (Mads Mikkelson) handing B.B. some flowers while winking at the camera and saying happy birthday.

You can watch the video for yourself down below:

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