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All Afterparty Easter Eggs You Need to Check Out

afterparty easter eggs

All Afterparty Easter Eggs You Need to Check Out

Afterparty features one of the most unique versions of Hell that has ever been depicted in media, mirroring a millennial society more than a place of torture.

Night School Studio has been sure to include plenty of Easter eggs to reflect this unique setting, ranging from drink names to items that can be seen in the background of scenes.

Here are all of the Easter eggs we’ve found so far in Afterparty.

Greg Hardy Jersey

afterparty, greg hardy

When you head upstairs and around the perspective-bending loop that leads to Satan’s room, sports fans will see a familiar jersey hanging up on the wall.

Framed on the wall is a navy blue, metallic silver jersey number 76, a reference to notorious former Dallas Cowboy’s and current MMA fighter, Greg Hardy. He was found guilty of assaulting an ex-girlfriend and sentenced to 18 months probation.

Social Media

afterparty, bicker

Social Media’s grasp on the modern world has expanded its way to Hell in Afterparty, as the game has its own versions of Twitter and Tumblr.

While Crumbler doesn’t play much of a role in the game, Bicker is used throughout for missions, character development, and background information.


ezpn, afterparty

The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network is known for its wide variety of sports programs and entertainment, so it only makes sense that Hell would have its own version. Called EZPN, it can be found in Feisty’s sports bar.

L. Ron Hubbard

L Ron Hubbard, Afterparty

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard is the founder of Scientology: a religion that believes in space gods, aliens, and a lot of other interesting things. Doing so has garnered him a lot of fans in Hell, as someone can be found on Bicker asking, “Has anyone seen L.Ron? I’m looking for an autograph, I’m a big fan.”

Deceased Musicians

easter eggs

Musicians usually live a pretty crazy life, so it shouldn’t be all too surprising that Milo and Lola would see some of them in Afterparty.

A handful of some of the most popular musical icons from the last century can be found at the Durdy Hurdy Gurdy night club, either alive or in paintings. A few examples of ones that can be seen are Michael Jackson, Elvis, Prince, Jimmy Hendrix, and David Bowie.



Philadelphia basketball fans should get a kick out of this nod to the NBA team, which can also be found in Feisty’s sports bar. Just on the wall, you can see a Styxers jersey, Hell’s version of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team.

Jeffrey Bomber Drink

jeffrey bomber

It shouldn’t be any surprise that well known serial killer Jeffery Dohmer ended up in Hell, as he is responsible for unspeakable acts committed against 17 different men and boys.

Dohmer is referenced in the Jeffrey Bomber Drink that can be found in a couple of bars throughout the game.

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