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Apex Legends Duos Mode and Firing Range Now Live

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Apex Legends Duos Mode and Firing Range Now Live

The 3.1 update for battle royale game Apex Legends is now live and adds a new Duos mode, improved training area, and other changes.

The Duos mode, announced last week, begins today and will run until Tuesday, Nov. 19. No special rules have been added to the mode, only that every team is only two players instead of three so teamwork and communication are much more vital for success.

The mode has replaced the Fight or Fright limited-time mode alongside the night version of the King’s Canyon map.

The other new addition with the Apex Legends update is an improved training area with Firing Range mode. Firing Range allows players to test out every weapon, attachment, hopup, and legends with abilities and ultimate moves at will.

Players can test out the firepower on target dummies alone or in a squad. Developer Respawn is also planning for future improvements and is seeking feedback.

Players concerned about completing their Battle Pass can now re-roll challenges with Legend Tokens earned in-game with the update, and the three initial challenges are balanced to give an easy, medium, and hard challenge upon reset.

The Apex Legends update also fixed a strategy where players would drop their armor before getting hit by Crypto’s drone EMP, thus not receiving any shield damage, by still damaging the armor when dropped. Check out the full patch notes here.

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