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Need for Speed Heat’s Launch Trailer Shows Police Laying Down the Law

need for speed heat

Need for Speed Heat’s Launch Trailer Shows Police Laying Down the Law

Need for Speed Heat’s Nov. 8 launch is still over a week away but EA is celebrating today with a new trailer that showcases all the illicit street racing action you’d expect to see.

We’re shown a little of the day time gameplay before the action switches to night time and the racing players will be undertaking to build their heat and rep.

EA reminds us in the trailer description:

“The roads and the rides are endless in this twenty-four-hour street racer where only the fast are free to chase the line, risk everything and burn all limits.”

Of course, the police are never too far behind, and we’re reminded of their disapproval of street racing with narration from who I assume is Palm City’s chief of police. There’s no escape, we’re told — but we all know that’s a load of bs, right?

Possibly not. EA says improving the cops and their AI has been a major focus of Heat’s development, which you can read about in more detail here.

Otherwise, check out the trailer’s action for yourself below.

If you’re interested in a detailed walkthrough of Need for Speed Heat’s new vehicle customization gameplay and various mechanics then check out this recent article.

For more gameplay and a look at the new mobile companion app then it’s over here.

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