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Fortnite Revenue Fell to Lowest Point Since 2017 in September

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Fortnite Revenue Fell to Lowest Point Since 2017 in September

SuperData’s monthly tracking of digital video game revenue worldwide has revealed a poor month for Fortnite in September. Just before the epic finale of Season 10, which saw the entire game sucked into a void and rendered offline for 24 hours, Fortnite’s revenue hit its lowest point since Nov. 2017, declining 43% month-over-month.

We’re pretty sure that will have only been a temporary dip, though, given that Epic Games’ rather brilliant conclusion to Season 10 was covered extensively across media outlets both endemic and non-endemic to the games industry.

Put simply, the event broke the internet and it’s likely to have reignited interest in Fortnite once again for the game’s Chapter 2. We’ll certainly be watching out keenly for SuperData’s tracking next month.

For now, though, you can check out the top 10 games by digital spending worldwide below.

Overall, “worldwide digital spending declined by 1% to $8.9 billion in September. Total spend on console and PC declined 17% and 3% year-over-year respectively, despite a slew of new launches.” SuperData explains that this was “more than offset a 6% increase on mobile, which increased its share of the total market to 59% this month.”

Other key takeaways from September’s results included a strong performance from Borderlands 3, which sold an “estimated 3.3 million digital units across console and PC in September.”

SuperData also notes that “the average selling price per unit came in at an above-average $69 due to Deluxe Edition sales.”

Elsewhere, both NBA 2K and FIFA 20 sports franchises had a slow start after their release dates late in the month. NBA 2K only grew 6% year-on-year and FIFA actually declined slightly, which SuperData chalks up to above normal spending during the World Cup tournament last year, which obviously isn’t on again this year.

Finally, the mobile game Fate/Grand Order’s revenue shot up dramatically thanks to a huge boost from its Chinese player base. A $98 million increase from August saw it hit $246 million, “with the majority of the revenue increase coming from China.”

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