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Borderlands 3 Rhys Mustache: Should You Shave or Save It? (Atlas, At Last)


Borderlands 3 Rhys Mustache: Should You Shave or Save It? (Atlas, At Last)

As you play through Borderlands 3’s main story quest to try and saver the remaining Vaults off Pandora from the Children of the Vault, you’ll bump into Tales from the Borderlands’ Rhys. Since his debut in the spin-off, he’s since sported a mustache, and during the Atlas, At Last mission, you’ll have to decide whether to shave or save Rhys’ mustache.

Borderlands 3 Rhys Mustache – Save or Shave It?

Borderlands 3 has a number of moments where players will have to make a decision. Sometimes it’s siding with one NPC over another, other times it’s something as silly as deciding whether Rhys should keep that mustache he’s decided to start sporting.

At the end of the Atlas, At Last mission, after beating Katagawa Jr, Rhys will ask players whether they think he should shave the mustache or save it.

Which You Should Choose

Ultimately, this doesn’t make a difference to the gameplay. Whatever you decide to go back to Rhys with, he’ll do, and he’ll continue to look that way for the rest of the game.

Choosing one option or the other doesn’t get you a different gun or reward, nor will it make Rhys like you any more or less. It really is just a cosmetic change that you’ll need to decide for yourself.

Who Rhys Is

Borderlands 3 Rhys Mustache

Rhys first showed up in Telltale Games’ Tales from the Borderlands which focused on his story as a former Hyperion middle-man turned good guy after being stabbed in the back by his co-worker Vasquez.

Rhys became a bit of a fan-favorite character as one of the main protagonists in Tales from the Borderlands, and has reappeared in Borderlands 3 as CEO of Atlas, the weapons manufacturer.

That’s just about everything you need to know on Borderlands 3’s Rhys mustache situation. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki, or check out more of our guides below.

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