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GTA Online Celebrates Diamond Casino Opening with the Vysser Neo, Mission Bonuses, & More

GTA Online Celebrates the Diamond Casino & Resort's Opening with the Vysser Neo, Casino Story Mission Bonuses, and More

GTA Online Celebrates Diamond Casino Opening with the Vysser Neo, Mission Bonuses, & More

In the wake of the grand opening of the Diamond Casino & Resort, GTA Online is spoiling players with a big celebration full of plenty of goodies, including the Vysser Neo sports car, casino story mission bonuses, and a brand new t-shirt.

The newest beauty, The Vysser Neo, is practically art on wheels. It’s sleek, fast, modern, and downright gorgeous. We look forward to seeing countless examples of this exquisite car driven down the highway at warp speed and destroyed in a glorious fireball!

Artistically beautiful vehicles aside, casino story missions are dishing out double rewards this week. So, there’s even more incentive to throw a little helping hand to Ms. Baker and protect Tao Cheng.

The goodies keep coming with a special little gift from Rockstar. Logging in to GTA Online before Aug. 7 will reward players with a snazzy new t-shirt. The Diamond Vintage Tee will be available free of charge so players will be able to rep their favorite casino.

The Lucky Wheel also has a few new special additions for this week. The Grotti Turismo Classic is this week’s top prize until Aug. 7 so spin while you can.

The Diamond Casino Store will also feature new items like the Knit High Roller Jacket and the Gold Kronos Tempo Watch that players can pair with their fancy new t-shirt.

Even better, players can continue the celebration with a number of vehicle and weapons discounts. The Up-n-Atomizer ray gun, the UnHoly Hellbringer, and the Widowmaker are all 30% off at Ammu-Nation.

Car fans can also grab the Grotti x80 Proto and the Vapid FMJ for 30% off as well. For those more into motorcycles, the Shitzu Hakuchou Drag is discounted to 40% off.

Twitch Prime members who linked their Twitch and Rockstar Social Club account before Jul. 29 get a few more fun things. They’re able to grab a free Master Penthouse to love and enjoy. They’ll also receive 70% off on the Mammoth Thruster jet pack and the TM-02 Khanjali tank through Aug. 8.

Elsewhere, Twitch Prime members will get an additional 10% off every mentioned item for sale this week.

Those who missed the latest deadline can still purchase the Master Penthouse and receive a rebate for the price of the base Master Penthouse unit within 72 hours.

For more on GTA Online and the Diamond Casino, here’s Rockstar’s official post on the new event, everything you need to know about the new casino, a guide on all playing card locations, and a guide on how to start casino missions for those of you just jumping in.

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