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Control Old Boys Club Guide: How to Get Past Brain Cloud Astral Fugue

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Control Old Boys Club Guide: How to Get Past Brain Cloud Astral Fugue

So if you’re here, you’ve likely reached the point of Control’s Old Boys Club mission where you are locked in the room with the crazy spinning block creature formally known as the Brain Cloud or the Astral Fugue. Allow us to explain how to get past it.

Control Old Boys Club Guide: Brain Cloud Astral Fugue

The trickiest part of this mission by far is figuring out how to get past the Brain Cloud Astral Fugue that is preventing you progressing through the mission and thus, Control’s storyline.

You’re essentially locked in with this bizarre block-like creature and getting anywhere near it will sap you of all your health.

Don’t bother shooting it or launching things at it. The Brain Cloud Astral Fugue cannot be killed despite what the hit markers will have you believe.

What you need to do instead is put the creature back where it belongs and contain it.

In the area you’l notice the power blocks to the bay door in that room are not plugged into their proper location.

What you’ll need to do is power up the bay door so you can control it via the panel that overlooks the creature right when you enter the room.

Get everything powered up and then lead the Brain Cloud Astral Fugue past the bay doors. Swing back around to the control panel and then close the bay doors so that it locks the creature in.

Once you do this, the lockdown in this area will cease, the locked door in that room will now be open, and you will be able to continue with the Old Boys Club mission.

That’s all you need to know for how to get past the Brain Cloud Astral Fugue in Control. Hopefully this guide for this tricky part in the Old Boys Club mission was helpful.

For more tips & tricks, be sure to check out our wiki guide which contains just about every FAQ you can think of, plus other helpful recommendations like the best weapons.

Old Boys Club Mission Guide for Getting Past the Brain Cloud Astral Fugue

  1. Enter the room and make note of the panel on the ledge.

    Avoid the Brain Cloud Astral Fugue at all times.

  2. Power up the bay door by launching the power blocks into their receptacles.

  3. Open the bay door using the panel and lead the creature in.

  4. Swing back to the panel, close the bay door and lock the creature in to proceed.

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