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Borderlands 3 Devs Talk About How They Avoided 2-3 Extra Years of Development & PS4 Pro Features

Borderlands 3 Devs Talk About the Game's New Engine, Graphics Outputs, & More

Borderlands 3 Devs Talk About How They Avoided 2-3 Extra Years of Development & PS4 Pro Features

Borderlands 3’s Online & Social Product Owner, Scott Velasquez, recently spoke with PlayStation about the game’s new engine, graphics modes, changes from previous games, and other little tidbits that fans will likely find interesting.

For example, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel originally ran on a very modified Unreal Engine 3 but Borderlands 3 is the first game to be built from the ground up using Unreal Engine 4. It’s been customized and edited to work with Borderlands 3’s needs and workflow.

Apparently, according to Velasquez, Gearbox managed to switch engines very fast and efficiently, nixing a potential extra two to three years of development time.

Velasquez also talks about developing Borderlands 3 for the newest generation of consoles. The PS4 pro allows the game to run at higher resolutions and higher framerates, something previous consoles couldn’t do with their static hardware.

The PS4 and PlayStation Network have also contributed much to the game’s online features. Friend integration and the matchmaking expected to be in Borderlands 3 might not have happened on previous console generations.

Additionally, Scott Velasquez boasts that the game supports both 4K and HDR output, allowing the game to look stunning and graphically crisp. For example, night fall is rendered with darker blacks and the game’s sky boxes allow for better immersion.

Finally, players will also be able to choose between “favor resolution” and “favor performance” options on the PS4 Pro through the Graphics Preference setting in game. The former allows for the highest resolution possible while the latter increases the framerate to 60 fps and renders at 1080P.

While that’s what caught our eye, the entire conversation is an interesting one if you wanted to check out the full read at PlayStation.

And for even more on Borderlands 3, have a look at Zane, Moze, and Amara’s new character trailers.

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