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Tetris 99 to Receive a Physical Release Containing Big Block DLC

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Tetris 99 to Receive a Physical Release Containing Big Block DLC

Tetris 99 has now been added to an already busy September schedule, as Nintendo has announced that a physical edition of the popular battle royale game will be available from 20/09.

The ever-popular Tetris has been flourishing the last few months with an unexpected twist on a classic concept, attracting thousands of viewers every month on Twitch. Collectors will now be able to have Tetris 99 sitting proudly in their Switch games collection with the added bonus of the aforementioned Big Block DLC.

Big Block contains an offline version of the Tetris 99 concept against AI, whereas the other addition is a single-player, marathon mode in which the player can hone their skills by clearing lines of Tetrominoes for as long as they can survive. It’s perfect preparation before tackling the challenge of real-life, online competition.

Another positive note for this announcement is that whilst Tetris 99 does require the Nintendo Switch Online membership to be able to play the game online, the physical copy of Tetris 99 WILL come with a 12-month subscription to Nintendo Online.

So on top of the ability to play Tetris 99 online, you’ll also get access to Nintendo’s special offers every month and more importantly the unlimited access to an ever-expanding library of classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games.

In a dual-announcement, Nintendo also showed off the newest content they’ve been working on, with the upcoming inclusion of two more offline modes. The first being a local multiplayer mode in which you can battle up to eight friends in competitive Tetris. The second mode is a single game of Tetris that you and a friend can play together using two joy-cons. A concept that is sure to bring you closer together.

If you want some expert tips to help you improve your Tetris game, then check out our detailed guide on how to perform T-Spins!


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