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Tetris 99: How to Do a T Spin & What It Is

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Tetris 99: How to Do a T Spin & What It Is

Tetris 99: How to Do a T Spin & What It Is

A “T Spin” in Tetris 99 is a lot like maneuvering an oversized sofa through a small doorway– the only way you’re getting it through is with a combination of rotating and forward movement. Here’s everything you need to know about what a T Spin is and how to do it in Tetris 99.

“Soft” and “Hard” Drops

In order to understand T Spins we need to talk about “soft” and “hard” drops first. In Tetris 99, and in previous Tetris games, a soft drop can be achieved by manually guiding a Tetrimino downward into position instead of letting it fall naturally (or slamming it into place with a “hard” drop).

In addition to speeding up gameplay, soft dropping allows you to set up a T shaped piece in preparation for a T Spin. You’ll do so by guiding the Tetrimino down to its natural stopping point before it needs to be rotated to progress further.

See a T shaped location further down that you really wish you could get? You can repeat the Spin process to get to it. Continue reading for more info on what this technique is.

What Is a T Spin?

A “T Spin” is the process of rotating a “T” shaped Tetrimino in order to fit it in a location that it could not otherwise land in by falling naturally. It’s a difficult maneuver that could be made even more difficult (and rewarding) by rotating the T piece more than once after it has “soft”-landed.

By rotating extra times you could potentially clear more lines– which means more “garbage” sent to your opponents in Tetris 99.

How to Do a T Spin in Tetris 99

To perform a T Spin, you need to first soft drop your T piece into position. This position is located above T-shaped opening that you want to maneuver it into.

Next, before locking the piece into place, rotate it quickly as it soft falls– thus “rolling” the T piece into the previously inaccessible area. Take this move one step further by repeating the same rotating and soft falling to roll the T shape lower if space allows.

Why Do T Spins?

The most basic purpose for performing one is to keep your game alive, however, this maneuver can also rack up a sizable amount of points with its ability to clear multiple lines at once. In Tetris 99, whenever you clear two or more lines, “garbage” pieces are sent to your opponents; making these a useful competitive strategy.

More advanced players can plan ahead to set up the perfect opportunity for a Spin. So try it out if you’re looking to improve your game.

That’s everything you need to know about how to do T Spins in Tetris 99. Be sure to search Twinfinite for many more tips and tricks for the game.

Having some trouble visualizing what T Spins are or how to do them? Check out the video below:

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