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Tetris goes Battle Royale with Tetris 99


Tetris goes Battle Royale with Tetris 99

If you’ve ever wanted to play a slightly more competitive version of Tetris, then Nintendo has something in store for you.

Tetris 99 was announced earlier today during the Nintendo Direct. It’s Tetris but with a new twist. Ninety-nine players enter an online lobby, but only one leaves as the victor. It’s sort of like the battle royale of Tetris games but without the encroaching circle of doom.

This game features all the mechanics players know and love from the regular Tetris franchise, but if the game were only about players trying to outlast one another in vanilla Tetris matches, it would be boring. To spice things up, Tetris 99 lets players throw garbage blocks at each other to raise the floor and make the game all that more challenging. Granted, players can always remove these blocks by lining them up in rows, but nothing makes a gamer panic quite like seeing their tetraminos surprisingly inch towards the ceiling.

Tetris 99 is scheduled to release later today, but players won’t have to purchase it. The game is free for all Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers, which is good news for anyone who wants more bang for their subscription buck.

For more news on upcoming Tetris games and future Nintendo Switch Online Subscription exclusives, stick with Twinfinite.


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