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Dr. Mario World Surpasses 5 Million Downloads in First Week

dr. mario world

Dr. Mario World Surpasses 5 Million Downloads in First Week

Nintendo’s latest mobile game is a hit. Analysis from Sensor Tower estimates Dr. Mario World downloads surpassed five million worldwide in its first week. Revenue hasn’t quite matched the publisher’s previous games, though, but it has faired well in comparison to other established titles in the mobile puzzle genre.

The below chart highlights Dr. Mario World’s numbers measured against Nintendo’s other mobile games. As you can see, it’s trailing the more successful games by quite some margin.

Still, as Sensor Tower notes, “for a property with less name recognition than Mario and Fire Emblem, this is a very a strong showing for Nintendo’s first mobile puzzle title in terms of downloads.”

dr mario world

The story with revenue is a similar one, with Dr. Mario World’s $500,000 not measuring favorably against Nintendo’s other mobile titles. Sensor Tower prefers to compare the numbers with rival puzzle games. They comment:

“… we analyzed the first week revenue of current top 25 mobile puzzle titles with similarities to Dr. Mario World and found that its $500,000 in player spending to date is healthy in comparison.

Toon Blast from Peak Games, which launched in 2017 and grossed approximately $325 million last year, saw just $90,000 in its first week.

Meanwhile, King’s latest Candy Crush title, Candy Crush Friends Saga, managed about $170,000 more than Dr. Mario World in its first seven days on the heels of significantly more pre-launch marketing and the franchise’s formidable existing audience on mobile. That title has grossed more than $100 million to date worldwide.”

For further comparison, we’ve listed some data taken from our recent feature on the highest-grossing mobile games. It’s measured over a two-week period but does still provides useful insight.

  • Pokemon GO – $100 million
  • Fire Emblem Heroes – $34 million (iOS only)
  • Super Mario Run – $15.6 million (iOS only)
  • Fortnite iOS – $15 million (over three weeks)
  • Animal Crossing – $9.8 million (iOS only)
  • Dragalia Lost – $13.5 million (iOS only)
  • Fallout Shelter – $5.1 million
  • Elder Scrolls Blades Beta – $500,000

Today’s news follows on from Sensor Tower’s report last week that Dr. Mario World had hit two million downloads in its first 72 hours. If you’re interested in our impressions on the game itself, head over to our feature recapping three reasons why Dr. Mario World worth checking out.

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