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3 Reasons Why Dr. Mario World Is Worth the Download


3 Reasons Why Dr. Mario World Is Worth the Download

The Microtransactions Aren’t That Bad

dr mario world

When we hear that a game published by Nintendo is “free-to-start,” it’s hard not to think about terrible microtransactions and paywalls that prevent you from playing without first coughing up some dough.

But, I am here to tell you guys that Dr. Mario World does a fantastic job at letting you play without constantly tapping on your shoulder and asking for some money.

Yes, there are microtransactions in Dr. Mario World. Yes, some packages can cost upwards of $70, but I’ve been playing Dr. Mario World for days now, making it past 60 stages or so and have yet to give the game a single dollar — that’s saying something.

The way Dr. Mario World works is that you have to spend one heart to attempt to clear a stage. You can have up to five hearts stored at one time and you obtain one heart every time you complete a new stage.

You can also add friends to the game and send daily hearts back and forth to help you out when you’re running low. If you’re like me and have TONS of friends in your network playing Dr. Mario World, it’s super easy to keep your count high.

I’ll admit, there are times that I almost (almost) thought about purchasing some diamonds from the Shop (Microtransaction store) but I didn’t give in and simply waited until my hearts started to refill, which happens every 30 minutes.

It’s so easy to get your hearts back in this mobile game, which I really appreciate. Nintendo didn’t have to give players a myriad of options here to find ways to keep playing and it ultimately makes this iteration of Dr. Mario one of the most enjoyable to date.

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